Teamviewer 13.2 finally let's us mass-deploy Teamviewer without the assignment tool. Don't get me wrong, the assignment tool was a great way of mass-assigning a bunch of hosts when deploying to a bunch of clients.

The problem was that the old way stopped us from using just the single MSI package you can download from the TV-portal, while Teamviewer 13.2 allows command line parameters to assign the host via a single MSI file. No assignment tool needed or required!

Follow the steps below with pictures:

  1. Log on to Teamviewer, and click on Design & Deploy
Click Design & Deploy

2.  Click on Add Host for your new Host, or download an older module (as long as you have 13.2 or later versions)

Click Add Host

3.  Configure the host as you wish, remember to tick the Allow account                 assignment via the Assignment Tool. This doesn't really make sense as we are deploying without the assignment tool, right?

Create the host, remember to Allow account assignment

Well, wrong, because we still need to get the Config ID and API-token. Which is only made available after ticking off Allow account assignment.

4.  Now click save and reopen the host you just created, and you will see both the      API-token and Configuration ID:

Voilà - ready to be deployed

5.   Download the MSI presented, as we will be using it for our deployment. In our case it will be Intune, but since we are using the Command Line Interface, the same goes for any other tool you use to deploy software with.

Deploying through Intune

  1. Log on to, and click on Intune > Mobile Apps > Apps and click on Add

2.   Select Line-of-business app and upload the MSI package you just got from        Teamviewer.

3.   Click ok, and continue to Configure. Type in the relevant information and stop at Command-line arguments


4. Deploy the app and assign the group(s). Now you should see all your clients being registered to your Teamviewer-portal, one by one

Most useful parameters are listed in the table. Check the knowledge-base for more

parameter required what
--alias yes Sets an alias for the device in the portal. Uses environment variables
--grant-easy-access no Grants easy access (User will not get a warning to let you in or not)
--reassign no Reassigns device to account even if it's already assigned to another
--group yes Only required if no custom host has been used. The group created in the portal which the device will be added.